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At WISS Academy we nurture trusting, respectful and reciprocal relationships which lay the foundation for learning.  This empowers children to take full advantage of our stimulating, flexible and inclusive learning environment with child initiated play based experiences and opportunities that encourage imaginative, creative and critical thinking.

We view our children as individuals and support them in becoming active and conscientious participants in a democratic society, confident in and capable of upholding and advocating for their rights and those of others.  Therefore, we foster each child's learning and development in such a way that honors their own nature and unique learning dispositions through active listening and by supporting and extending their natural curiosity and innate sense of wonder.

We strongly value our relationships between parents, caregivers, whanau, teachers and the wider community. Therefore, we aim to partner with our families to integrate the learning environments and values of home and kindergarten to provide the best possible outcomes for our children.  We hope that together we can lay strong foundations for lifelong learning by encouraging thinking, resilience, independence and self-belief, in turn allowing our children personality to flourish. 

WISS Academy, Waterloo.

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