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Welcome to the WISS Academy community. We are located in Waterloo, Ontario, a community that is buzzing with growth and excitement. The simulating surrounds are a wonderful activator for learning in JK-SK where students on a daily basis make connections to their world and their local community. 

Learners are encouraged to be curious and engage in conversations and are challenged to meet their learning goals throughout a variety of learning pathways.

At WISS Academy we see each learner as explorers. Exploring how they best learn, talking with them about their learning and ensuring they take responsibility for their learning within the classroom context and beyond.

The staff at WISS Academy are learners too! We work together to challenge our thinking and improve our practice in order to ensure quality and improved student outcomes for every child.

Our values Care, Guide, and Lead are our core values that is embedded in our learning practices here at WISS Academy. We value what each member of our community (staff, students and families) can contribute to our Academy and we value the importance of working together so that our learning environment can continue to grow and evolve as a dynamic learning establishment. 

We welcome you to follow our journey through our web pages. It is a privilege to be principal of WISS Academy.


WISS Academy

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